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Let me help you reach your goals in a healthy
positive way!

  Additional employment workshops offered

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Experience the Positive
Healing Energy


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Monday: by appointment for services
Tuesday- 10-6
Wednesday- 10-6
Thursday- 10-6
Friday- 10-3
Sunday Closed

EAR CANDLING - See and feel it for yourself~

Enhanced sense of smell, taste and hearing
Allergies, asthma, sinus and bronchial problems
Ringing in the ears, head fullness
Vertigo, balance problems, dizziness
Pressure headaches, migraines
and neck pains
Problems associated with wearing hearing aids or headsets
Jaw stress and teeth grinding
Ear/head problems associated with loud music
and noise and so much more..
call us today to book your 1/2 hour session

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Adult day pottery classes - each Tuesday starting 
SEPT 2nd @ 10:00am with Lisa. Double click for flyer

These morning classes are   ~SO MUCH FUN AND SO CREATIVE~

Is it time to just beeeeee or have a wonderful deserving morning out especially for YOU or maybe include a friend?    

Join us and connect with a part of Mother Nature with our CLAY~   Delicious cup of tea will be served

Space is limited ~ Call today to reserve your spot-

Discover how to really Medite with the best "Jivasu"

5 Session Program with Jivasu starting Thursday, September 4th 6:30-8:30 pm
Fee $130 Includes meditation CD

Jivasu is a well known teacher in Canada, India, Ireland, Barbados and Dominica. Author of many meditation books.
Benefits to joining our 5 weeks meditation sessions
INCREASED IMMUNITY- Relaxation, boosts your immunity
EMOTIONAL BALANCE- Meditation cures such neurosis and unhealthy emotional states
ANTI-INFLAMATORY- Stress leads to inflammation, a state links to heart disease, arthritis, asthma and skin conditions such as psoriasis
Increase Fertility
AND SO MUCH MORE…. call today to share these  wonderful 5 weeks of meditation knowledge and experience - Double click for flyer

Mondays and Thursdays - 10:00am  WORKOUT  Starting Sept 8th

"30 minute Accelerator Class"
with  ~ Jayne Boar. 8 continuous classes for $50.00 
Don't miss out space is limited- We have LOTS OF FUN~~ 

Double click for flyer - Will get you in and out and feeling GREAT in 30 min~

6:30 each week with Joy
Join the CLUB
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ART CLASSES FOR ADULT AND CHILDREN  Each Friday morning at 10:30am
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Come join us for our  Art  classes . These wonderful FUN classes will be instructed by our local artist Filomena Barilla who has an Art degree and is also a qualified teacher with GREAT ENERGY TO SHARE.
Every week Filomena will be introducing something new for example adult's classes: 1st week Landscaping,  2nd week Self-portrait ,3rd week Dream Catcher, 4th week Expressionism. One more way to let your creative side SHINE. call us today to reserve
To continue the success of our retreats we have ongoing 1/2 day and full day retreats.. double click flyer

 MOTHER MEERA MEDITATION  September 24th  6:00pm- 7:30pm
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REIKI LEVEL 1  September 6th  check out REIKI
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TASHENE's next  READING  September 13th 
Back by popular demand.  Dont miss out as we normally always fill up
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Tashene has so many beautiful abilities including: Double click for flyer
CLAIRVOYANCE (clear vision)
CLAIRAUDIENCE (clear hearing)
CLAIRSENTIENCE (clear feeling)
Last time she was at the Center we sold out within the week- Dont miss out-  September 13th from 10-4:00 book your appointment today- She is worth it~   call to reserve today 

Join us for ongoing monthly meditation- call us for more details and to reserve your spot
For any upcoming activities click on UPCOMING EVENTS
  Thank you so much for all the good wishes and ongoing support

COME VISIT US at 145 Lock Street East Dunnville
Check out our many services located (Upcoming events and dates) 

Summer 2014 will be a real growing time for Boost Your Health Wellness Center as we will be offering day retreats starting at the Center and ending at the Beach and Lisa's Labyrinth.  These retreats will have different topics.  Relaxing healing sessions, emotional clearing.  We will also be offering support retreat days with different services for those who are presently caring for their children with a disability~ For those who are caring for love ones who are dealing with a life threatening illness.  Our center is a place to come and just care for YOU. We will make sure this ONE day will have an impact on your life. Come and join us and feel the peace and healing within. 

FREE  Wholeness Blessings~ Call ahead-
 Please find attached flyer~ Starting October 1st  
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  Ongoing motivating healing circles during the day too.  For more detail on our next healing circle  VIEW  Healing circles.

Check out our for various workshops for employment skills and Self-Esteem 

 ~ Join our circles and watch us all grow~



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