Our Unique Contribution: Helping people make positive change in their lives

Lisa's motivation and interest in spiritual healing, started in her youth.  She has fond memories and recalls: " My father, Sylvio LeBrasseur, was a healer and for some reason, my whole life, I have been curious and drawn to spiritual healing in many different aspects.  It seems to be all around me and comes to me freely"

 For the past 15 years, Lisa started a new journey, focused on connecting with others in a much deeper and spiritual level.

For over two decades, Lisa has continued to offer a series of presentations and workshops designed to enhance various personal life skills and passions. Skills that contribute significantly to individual growth, self-awareness, self-esteem, our true passions in life and our individual connection to universal energy and positive reinforcement.
For more details on workshops, please call Lisa as she has many to offer.

 Lisa is very passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives and it gives her great pleasure to see those she has helped, become enlightened and blossom right before her eyes.  The reward is when she hears how grateful people are or how their lives have changed in such a positive way. All Lisa's services are offered in English & French

 Boost Your Health will be considered one of the best hands on healing assistance program as measured by the success of our clients and by building trust and satisfaction in our services.

Lisa Ellis also known as the "Passion Lady"

 Hatha Yoga Teacher, ~ Energy Healer ~ Reiki Master/Teacher ~ NGH Certified Hypnotherapist~Ancient Black Pearl Tecknique~ CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment) Sphychic Medium, Certified Life Skills Coach

If needed Lisa will come to your location.  Call Lisa today