Thank you again for that wonderful work shop!   It just seems unreal so much happened that day the people were great!
The lunch was real good & it was nice meeting Chuck !
You can only think about that day you can't really tell someone about it! It was just a magical day
I feel calm!!!
Love & hugs

 I really want to thank each of you for our wonderful experience together. I was unaware of how much that was needed in my life. I have a new look on life and am returning to the person I was meant to be. Such a powerful day and I can't thank you guys enough. I'm looking forward to reiki 2. I have completely submerged myself into this program and I can't even remember the last time I had an interest in anything at all. Xoxoxoox sending love.


Hi Lisa - I just wanted to thank you for the awsome Reiki training/experience.  I really appreciated the music C.D. and the Reiki book which I started reading last night.  I gave my husband a treatment on Sunday night and he loved it.  I will give one to my friend who has some injuries from a fall tomorrow.  I will try to get one in for myself later today. with love and gratitude,

Thank you Lisa for a great day and great teachings. I have friends I will be trying out this wonderful gift on. And when I am ready or any of you girls lets do round 2. Have a great day.


WE have sooooo much more as our team is WONDERFUL!!  Come experience for yourself

Lisa, the class was a great learning experience! Thank you for giving us in the class the tools to help us through life,  breathing, meditation and yoga. The breathing was most helpful to me as the tremor I have been experiencing  has definitely lessened.



I first came to Boost Your Health, along with my aunt, whom I was caring for.  We both enjoyed a body massage that releases toxins, and relaxed us.  I then heard about the benefits of reflexology and thought I should see if it would help me relieve pain, or stress.   A noticeable improvement within the 2nd treatment!  When my responsibility as caregiver ended, I decided to continue on my journey to improve my health.   Since September I have also had Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balance and Reiki, Black Pearl, Ear Candling, Magnetic Mat, Chair and Floor Yoga with meditation.  Yoga and meditation have now become a priority!  I look forward to time for myself!  Flexibility, strength of body, techniques to calm and refocus are giving me the ability to handle daily decisions.   Plus, research has now proven that DNA can be lengthened and eye health improved with such practices.  I want both of these things, and am excited to see the results, as I continue.

Lisa and her therapists encourage and give freely of their knowledge, with the intent to help, not to sway to a belief system.  The name, Boost Your Health Wellness, certainly is perfect for the Centre.  You will leave feeling more peaceful, relaxed and on your way to better health.  

Thank you, Kathryn

Hi Lisa

I just would like  to  say  how much Valerie  and  I  enjoyed yesterday’s  event,  and  empowering it  was  to  both  of us,and it  was  great meeting  all those  wonderful ladies who  attended.

Love,  Peace  and  blessings

                                                   John &  Val